Ajodhya Pahar

Located in the district of Purulia in West Bengal bordering Jharkhand, Ajodhya Pahar (hills) is a part of the extensive Chota Nagpur Plateau dotted with waterfalls, lakes, dense sub-tropical forests, dams & exotic tribal villages. Although blessed with breathtaking beauty,

Things to do

Apart from sightseeing to nearby attractions like Upper Dam, Lower Dam, Khairaberra Lake, Marble Lake, Bamni Waterfalls, Pakhi Pahar, you can also visit the beautiful tribal villages with some of the most colourful mud houses with brightly painted walls.

How to reach

The nearest rail heads to Ajodhya Pahar are Barrabhum and Suisa Railway Stations. The Howrah Chakradharpur Express, Lalmati Express and Howrah Ranchi Intercity Express connects Howrah to Barrabhum.

However, you can also reach Purulia Station

Best staying options at Ajodhya Pahar, Purulia, West Bengal