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Ajodhya Pahar in Purulia District of West Bengal is a range of hills covered in forests and dotted with lakes. It is one of the least explored regions of India and has experienced very low tourist footfalls in the past. However, the absence of mass tourism has been a boon to the preservation of the fragile eco-system of this region. So, tourists visiting Ajodhya Pahar today can still experience unscathed nature in all its beauty. You can still see the Palash bloom in late winter when the forest seems to be on fire and the kaash phools swaying to the winds in early Autumn on dry riverbeds. Apart from its natural splendor, Ajodhya Pahar also nurtures its unique tribal culture and village life with colourful mud houses and Chow Dance.

Earlier, curious travellers craving for adventure and quietness would not find affordable and good quality accommodation in Ajodhya Pahar. But, recently, some nice home stays, guesthouses, lodges and camps have come up and now guests can enjoy their stay in Ajodhya Pahar and explore its beauty. We have listed most of the accommodations in Ajodhya Pahar in all categories ranging from campsites to luxury lakeside resorts.

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