Muruguma Lake

Located on the western flank of the Ajodhya Pahar, Muruguma Lake is one of the most well-kept secrets of this region overlooked by Ukumbera Hill.


Images of Muruguma Lake, Ajodhya Pahar

Pakhi Pahar

The 800 feet high hill (Murraburru Hill) is a canvas for artist Shri. Chitta Dey and his team, who has sculpted nearly 60 images of birds on the sheer rock face. The work is still going on.


Images of Pakhi Pahar, Ajodhya Pahar


Bamni Waterfall

A much spread-out waterfall dispersing more water than the other waterfalls in this region, Bamni Waterfalls cascades over the rock face in three different stages.


Images of Bamni Waterfall, Ajodhya Pahar

Turga Waterfall

A visual treat to the eyes, Turga waterfall is located near the village of Gosaidih. The falls create a small reservoir, where locals and tourist like to take a dip.


Images of Turga Waterfall, Ajodhya Pahar


Charida Mask Village

Nearly 300 artists work in different workshops in this village to create the various masks and costumes used in Chau Dance. You can see the artists working on their creations once you visit this Charida Village.


Images of Charida Mask Village, Ajodhya Pahar




Marble Lake or Tarpania Lake

The surreal ambiance created by the Tarpania Lake (locally known as Marble Lake) which was once an open-pit mine is presently, one of the most sought attractions of the region.


Images of Tarpania Lake, Ajodhya Pahar

Khairabera Lake

A natural lake bounded by low lying hills and deep forests. The Khairabera Lake is also home to numerous migratory birds.


Images of Khairabera Lake, Ajodhya Pahar


Ajodhya Pahar Lower Dam

Though smaller in size this Lower Dam Lake is tucked within the hills and is very scenic. A viewpoint on the road over this reservoir gives a sweeping view of the lake and the towering hills.


Images of Lower Dam, Ajodhya Pahar

Ajodhya Pahar Upper Dam

This Upper dam creates a lake more than a kilometer long, which is also the major source of water in these arid regions. The lakeside road is one of the best spots to catch the sunset over the Ajodhya Pahar.


Images of Upper Dam, Ajodhya Pahar